December 29, 2012

Welcome to our little diary!

This is not a diary as you may be used to, but is a diary showing the thoughts and feelings of two creative spirits during the course of a year, documented in a weekly fashion. What makes this a little different is, that we will not try to document our day-to-day life, but show something of what is going on inside by making a statement to a certain situation, thought or plainly a ‘random’ noun or adjective. We will use images and passages of creative/free writing and it will be upon you as visitors to read between the lines.

Who are we?

We are two creative spirits, separated by 6000 miles, living in similar by still different cultures, but sharing a common love for photography and the voice it gives us to express ourselves,  show the world as we see it and let you have a glimpse of  our minds.

What are the rules?

Well there are no rules set in stones, other than we will have to make one and exactly one posting per week, working on a predefined topic. A posting must consist out of an image and a written passage. There are no other limitations, rules or guidelines.

You mentioned this will be random topics?

Yes, that is right and it is not … we have some set topics to get us going but later through the year we will work from random topics, choosing random adjectives, nouns or verbs from each others favorite books by picking a page,line and word count out of a virtual head.

So how is this still a diary?

Well, based on our experiences, our moods and our surroundings during the week, we will each interpret our topic differently. We are as curious as you are if we will be able to see if  our week bleeds through into our work.

What can we expect?

104 pieces of art, discussing 52 common topic from 2 different sides.