Out with the Old. In with the New.

Out with the old, reminds me of Polaroid film going away and being replaced by the new Impossible Project instant film.  To me, the new year is like an abstract composition that is grounded in reality. You have hopes and dreams for the new year or you enter it somewhat pessimistically due to where you are emotionally, intellectually or physically. As you enter the new year, you are literally the sum of your experiences. You bring the old with you and you can try something new or you can fall into old patterns. I took this picture with old Polaroid film, which was in the spare bedroom of my sister’s house in Tennessee. I don’t know the date but I know it had been there for quite sometime. Every picture I took was in faded, pink tones. This is a photograph of an arrangement of fake magnolia blossoms in a bowl at my dad’s house. The old film reacted somehow and created this interesting abstract yet partially literal image. In with the new, reminds me of working in Photoshop to enhance the old, which is what I did when I scanned the Polaroid into the computer to rework it. I have hopes for this new year but it is still abstract to me and waits for me to transform myself.