Hundreds of little gears and springs caught in a collaboration of time. Ever moving, never stopping, neer slowing, casting a shadow of life and people. One gear gripping ito the next one. making it seem effortless . What one little gear is unable to do, the collaboration can and will. Sometimes we would prefer that we could hold it up, but once set into motion, the action will take it”s cause. Not sure why I am connecting collaboration so much with time and the influence time has on our behavior and also our intra personal relations. If you look closely at the image you can see a little face molded by the shadow of the casing of the watch. I guess this is one of the reasons I love photography, we can capture a split second (or in this case 8seconds) in time and show the shadow of time cast on our life. So many different actions, motions, plans and chaos have to collaborate to create this single moment in time.

Mamiya RZII , ext. tube 1+2, 110mm