Dreamlike … Often we forget dreams within moments of opening our eyes. Like a soap bubble dissipates and only leaves some residue behind. In case of the dream the residue may be a short fragment of the action or scene in the dream we had or  just a feeling that lingers on for a moment while the actual memory of the existence of the dream is already gone.  The part of the faucet in this image is one of those residues for me. Temporarily placed on this wall by someone and now long forgotten. The original task was either forgotten or was solved differnetly and only the residue is embodied by this old faucet left behind. It is those little fragments left behind during our life, maybe no longer connected to the original purpose or idea, but placed somewhere with intend that seem to cast a spell on me and  make my mind and imagination race to spin stories around.

If you look up ‘dreamlike’ in a dictionary you may find synonyms like ‘unreal’ or ‘surreal’, but just as a feeling might carry over from a dream, the line is very thin and to me one will always influence the other which makes at least part of it very real.

This wetplate accident was taken with a box camera and an old no name petzval lens, shot wide open, with hardly any depth of field. Sorry for all the dust spots, they come from scanning but I did not have time to actually clean up the scan. I like that this plate was actually a little messed up with contamination and bad pour marks from the varnish.