Complicated … the dictionary explains it as ‘difficult to analyze, understand, or explain’ . Some people might say this is pretty much the explanation of life itself and I would not beg to differ. Life at times seems to be just that, difficult to understand and impossible to analyze or explain. We all face situations that we would classify as difficult, they may dull in comparison to others or the other way around.  No matter how dilligently we try to avoid it, things will get difficult, but this is just part of life. The complicated part is to draw strength out of these situation and use it to make it better.

The reason I picked this image for this week’s topic is that I feel one of the complicated things in my life right now is to see the deteriorating health and growing age of family members. It is not so much the fact that life will end for all of us at some hopefully very late point, but it is the question to balance the needs of those getting older, your own needs and your conscience. Even though the situation should be simple and quite clear, it is sometimes very complicated …

This Wetplate Image was taken with a no-name Petzval lens (~270mm , f4 ish ) wide open at around 1s exposure.