I have been taking an alternative process class where we are immersed in cyanotype. The emulsion is painted on watercolor paper and dried. You can place objects directly on top of the paper as in photograms or use a digital negative or film negative. You can also create a negative with a Xerox machine. We have a light box to expose it to light but the sun has been out so we have been taking our cyanotypes outside to expose them. Once exposed, you place the paper in a cold-water bath and watch it turn blue. When dried, the color is a rich indigo blue. Indigo is a natural dye extracted from plants. My family lives in South Carolina and on the coast, indigo was a crop produced along with rice from the 1700s. I remember staying once at the Indigo Inn in Charleston, SC with my parents. Anyway, the color  is beautiful and I loved seeing the critique board with everyone’s work all very blue.