The old year dies and with it the memories start to fade, certain encounters are still vivid and fresh, others start to dull and step into the background. The new year just hatched out of the egg and started it’s innocent life by claiming it’s position in the endless circle. No bad association, no bad memory no unfulfilled dream spoiled it’s innocence yet and it fills all our hearts with hope and anticipation.  No one know’s where it will lead us and how this year will compare to it’s ancestors. One thing though is certain, it is out to change the world and everything we know, love or fear and most importantly it will change us. Not knowing what will be and if we may be here to see another year born, what is left to us, is to ride the current of time and do our best to foster this new year and help it to grow strong and become a memorable one.
(This 8 second exposure was taken with my Mamiya RZ, on Ilford Delta 100 and developed in D76 1:1 giving it the grittiness and high contrast. )